International Community of Naturopathic Practitioners (ICNP)

It is an community of practicing experts in the fields of naturopathy, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

It was created for the support and professional development of professionals in the field of health improvement around the world

With the support of the IPNN

Those who have been practicing for a long time, want to deepen their knowledge, and have up-to-date information about this field
Graduates of educational programs of the IPNN
Graduates of other Institutes and Academies in the field of naturopathy and nutritiology
Those who just want to make names for themselves in a professional environment and gain confidence
Those who want to get support from the professional community
Why is the creation of the ICNP so important for the Institute of Practical Nutritiology and Naturopathy?
During the activity of our Institute, the naturopathy field has grown tenfold, and we have made a lot of efforts to develop and popularize it.
During 10 years of activity, more than 9,000 practical naturopathic practitioners and nutritionists graduated from the IPNN in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, and the United States; in such a way, the IPNN continues to expand its geography
9,000+ graduates in 43 countries
Our fundamental value is to create educational programs focused on the practice and effective consulting activities of specialists
80% of our programs are practice
For our graduates, we create additional professional development programs, expert modules, and mentoring programs to provide them with opportunities to continuously develop their competencies and professional practical skills
Dozens of the competence development programs
is the next logical and necessary step in the activities of our Institute.
During the activity of our Institute, the naturopathy field has grown tenfold. And we have all the necessary resources to support and develop naturopathic physicians and nutritionists throughout the world, protect their interests, as well as promote culture, set ethical standards in consulting activities
The creation of the International Community of Naturopathic Practitioners (ICNP)
Privileges and benefits
For ICNP members
By joining the ICNP, participants receive an international certificate confirming their involvement in the professional community and demonstrating the participant’s consent to work within the ethical standards described by the Community.
Professional recognition
Members of the community are included in the register of experts published on the IPNN’s websites. This will confirm your affiliation with the Community on our part.
International base of naturopathic practitioners
Participants receive special conditions for participation in international conferences of the ICNP and IPNN, during which unique private seminars and master classes are held. You have an opportunity to become a speaker or a member of the group of organizers there.
Global events of the ICNP
Members of the Community receive discounts, benefits, and other preferences for all current and upcoming courses provided by the Institute during the contribution term
Benefits from the Institute
The ICNP and IPNN provide ongoing support and development to naturopathic practitioners and nutritionists by holding private events and providing access to exclusive materials about the naturopathy market.
Information support from the Institute
Marina Vladimirovna Maltseva
President of the International Community of Naturopathic Practitioners
The founder of the Institute of Practical Nutrition and Naturopathy
A naturopathic physician and a nutritionist with 20 years of experience
Provided 17,800 individual medical advisements for adults and children
Trained 9,000+ graduates from Russia, CIS countries, Europe, and the USA
An author of educational programs, books, and a YouTube channel about health
A teacher of the course Fundamentals of Nutrition at the Preventive Medicine Department of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), etc.
The International Community of Naturopathic Practitioners and the Institute of Practical Nutrition and Naturopathy perform their activities in 43 countries in the world. Join us and become a part of the international community of people who choose the path of health and help people!
NPO International Community of Naturopathic Practitioners (ICNP)
420 101, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Professor Kamai str. d. 12, sq. 14